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Worker Trapped in Gas Cloud Lucky to Survive

A gas engineer was lucky to escape with his life after becoming trapped next to a ruptured gas mains 10 feet below ground.


The UK’s Top 5 Killer Jobs

Claims Direct counts down the most dangerous and deadly jobs in the UK with a list of the top five killer jobs. Can you guess what the most deadly job in the UK is?


Crane Company Fined for Ignoring Improvement Notices

What is an Improvement Notice? Find out what employers have to do to comply with an Improvement Notice and what happens if an Improvement Notice is not followed.


Mobile Phones Causing More Fatal Car Crashes

With increased use of smartphones there has been a rise in the number of fatal accidents due to using a mobile phone while driving.


Harrison Ford’s Accident at Work: Star Wars Production Company Prosecuted

Star Wars: The Force Awakens British production company Foodles is being prosecuted for Harrison Ford’s accident on the set of the Millennium Falcon in Pinewood Studios.

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