Work Accident Compensation

Work Accident Compensation

The personal injury lawyers at Claims Direct deal with all types of work accident compensation claims on a No Win No Fee basis. Our Lawyers are specialists helping people who have suffered accidents at work and have secured hundreds of millions of pounds in compensation for our clients as the result of another person’s negligence.

We have Personal Injury Solicitors in England, Scotland and Wales that specialise in work accident compensation claims. Our Lawyers can provide you with immediate legal representation, and we can arrange for rehabilitation support services and equipment to be provided anywhere in the UK.

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About Claiming Compensation for Work Accidents

You are entitled to work accident compensation if you can prove that your work accident injuries or the health problems you suffered due to an unsafe working environment were caused in part or entirely by someone else’s negligence; such as your employer, an employee or a visitor.

The first step in claiming work accident compensation is to contact us and tell us where, when and how your work accident occurred and what kind of personal injuries you suffered.

If you received any medical treatment or anyone, particularly work colleagues, witnessed the accident, we will ask for these details along with copies of any photos that may have been taken relating to the accident. We will then review your case based on the details you provide, before assessing how successful your work accident compensation claim is likely to be.

You can claim compensation for a work accident injury regardless of your employment status, whether you were working as a full or part-time employee, a temporary worker, a self-employed contractor, or if you were simply visiting the premises at the time of the accident.

The Law exists to protect you from work accidents and to compensate you if you become injured in the workplace even if you may have been partly at fault for the accident. Health and safety laws provide protection for workers who suffer health problems caused by unsafe working practices or environments; this includes industrial diseases such as Asbestosis and Mesothelioma.

Will Claiming Compensation Affect my Work Status?

Your employer is forbidden from treating you unfairly or dismissing you for claiming work accident compensation.

Businesses are required by law to have employers’ liability insurance to protect against work accidents; so it's an insurance company that would pay your compensation, and not your employer.

Contact our specialist work accident compensation team who can go through your claim on a No Win No Fee basis.

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